John Clawson, CFP®

John Clawson, CFP®

Financial Consultant

As a financial consultant in Winchester, VA, John Clawson's mission is to help you plan and secure your financial future.

In 1979, a young salesman called on an older Missouri businessman.  Born in the early 1900's, the businessman owned an agricultural seed business and grain elevator. 

Over time and many sales calls, the two got to know each other a bit and the older gentleman began to mentor the young salesman on how he handled his money: how to save, how to invest, how to plan for college and retirement.

He passed on to this young man the knowledge of a lifetime of investing skills and personal financial management skills.  The young salesman came to believe that if he learned the lessons and applied them to his family’s financial resources, their lives could be changed for the better and they could have financial freedom. 

John was that young salesman.

Who is John Clawson?

John Clawson is a financial consultant in Winchester, VA. He believes in having the utmost respect and genuine care for his clients in pursuing their financial success. He values long-lasting client relationships and strives to make sure that his clients are advised through every stage of their financial journey. Part of his task is to help you understand every detail involved in meeting your future goals.

Professional Credentials:

John Clawson is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner. He has the investing and personal financial management skills to help you pursue your financial independence.

CFP Certification                                  

Educational Background:  

  • Bachelors of Science, Agriculture, The Ohio State University  

With his education, training, and experience, he earned the CFP® mark in 2009. John Clawson is also a member of several organizations that focus on financial planning, further adding to his knowledge in these services. 

John has been a member of the Financial Planning Association since January 2011. He was a longtime member of the Winchester chapter of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) from 2009 until the chapter closed in 2018.

Personal Interests and Community Involvement: 

John is passionate about serving local and global communities. He has completed several trips in Virginia, Appalachia, and Guatemala helping families recover from natural disasters and economic struggles. 

Through the Rotary Club of Frederick County VA, John supports local and international charities. You can find John on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings at Stephens City UMC, as the lead guitarist for the contemporary praise services. John and Diane live in the Stephens City, VA area where they enjoy golf, hiking, camping, reading, sewing, and visiting grandchildren.


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