Tax Planning Review

Tax season is probably the least desirable time of the year for wage earners and businesses. It brings a sense of resignation to many and dread to some depending on the complexity and health of the financial situation. To prepare for your tax filing you may choose to work with a professional certified public accountant, a tax preparation company, or other tax preparer. Perhaps you have a knack for numbers with a good understanding of the tax system and therefore can complete your own tax return. Maybe you use an online tool such as TurboTax to automate the process. Whatever approach you use for preparing your tax return, you may want to consider the results during financial planning.

As part of your financial plan, we offer a review of tax returns to ensure the results are soundly in your best interest as part of a holistic approach to the financial planning process.

Our digital tools securely scan the tax return and provide detailed results with relevant observations on the totals, marginal tax rate and modified tiers for social security tax deductions and Medicare part B and D premiums. This process helps us identify key income break points for tax planning opportunities like ROTH conversions, tax-efficient withdrawals, charitable giving, and much more.

We provide a comprehensive report to you with our recommendations for tax strategies you can implement yourself or discuss with your accountant.
Our tax planning services have set fees for you to choose from as needed. (Note: our current clients will receive a discount off the following fees):

  • 1 Return to review - $350
  • 2 Returns to review -  $600
  • 3 Returns To Review -  $800
  • 4 Returns to Review -  $950
  • $150 per return to review above 3.

Using the aforementioned pricing as an example, a couple of typical scenarios might include:

A) Spouses filing jointly seeking a review of their 2021 & 2022 returns. Our fee = $600
B) Spouses filing separately seeking a review of their 2021 & 2022 returns. Our fee = $950

To have a better sense of your finances and confidence in your tax filing, a review of your tax return is a helpful tool in the financial planning process.

Shenandoah Valley Financial Services and LPL Financial do not offer tax advice or tax preparation services. 

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