Financial Planning

At Shenandoah Valley Financial Services we believe everyone has important financial goals, but although people often intend to plan for their financial future, they sometimes don’t quite seem to get around to doing so. If you are reading this, chances are you are considering financial advice along the following lines:

1) You've got a pretty good handle on your finances and investments but would like a more impartial opinion from an independent financial consultant to help make sure you are on the right track.

2) You need advice in planning your financial future from a financial planner who can help sort through the details and provide a roadmap for you to follow.

3) You recognize that managing money is not your 'thing' and you would like to work with a financial planner you can trust to manage your money for you.

4) You are a business owner, attorney or physician, or professional and need financial advice on income tax strategies and investments as you work to grow your business or practice.

We understand taking the first step is in deciding how to proceed. To make it easier for you to get the assistance you need, we offer planning options to help address your current situation and objectives and we use RightCapital software solutions to communicate and manage your financial goals.

RightCapital is a client portal financial planner system that provides the ability to track your financial goals, monitor investment account values, manage a budget, plan for retirement, access bank-level encrypted cloud storage, and provide seamless communication between you and Shenandoah Valley Financial Planning. RightCapital is intuitive and easy to use with an appealing mobile app that is readily available for our clients. Its budgeting software loads directly from transaction accounts so there is no need to guess or provide manual entry. 

Select from our planning options below and let’s get in a conversation to discuss it:

Professional Foundational Single Objective Planning

John Clawson - single objective option for financial planning

Pick one financial planning concern or objective:

  • Retirement
  • Investment/allocation
  • Goal funding
  • Education funding

We feel the Foundational Single Objective Planning can be a good option for young adults, newlyweds, or as a sound financial planning base for anyone who wants to focus on one objective only. The Foundational Single Objective Planning option could also a good gift to give a wedding couple, college graduate, or anyone you’d like to encourage good financial habits.

Professional Multi-Objective Planning

Pick at least three financial planning concerns or objectives:

  • Retirement
  • Insurance (survivor income needs)
  • Long term care
  • Disability
  • Investment or asset allocation
  • Estate planning
  • Education
  • Business planning
  • Income tax strategies (excludes tax advice)
  • Goal funding (for example, buying a beach house in 20 years)

We think the Professional Multi-Objective Planning option can be a good choice for established households, people in their prime working years (35 - 65 years of age) who want to review their 401(k), get out of debt, insurance needs review, funding for children’s educations, – and basically anyone who wants to get their finances in good order and their investments set up suitably.

You can switch between different planning levels at any time. For example, if you sign up for Professional Multi-Objective Planning to address several areas of concern you can contact Shenandoah Valley Financial Services later to revisit or tackle a new single objective.

Financial goals will vary from person to person. Whether funding a child's college education, planning for a comfortable retirement, and every life experience in between. Shenandoah Valley Financial Services believe we all share a common goal: the desire to be financially sound. As your financial planners, John and Amy believe that with financial planning we can help to place you on the path to pursuing your financial goals.

<b>Accumulation&#160; &#160;&#160;</b>


A saving and investing period that usually runs from your early working years until your late 50s.



A time to manage your funds and assess your ability to transition to more conservative investing, usually your late 50s and early 60s.



The time when you begin your post-work life and live off your retirement income sources and your investment income. 



A time to pass down what you’ve learned and acquired to the next generation so they can be prepared for a successful life.

Our mission, every day, is to help you at all stages of your financial journey and through whatever changes life may bring. Contact us today.

Thank you!