WealthLink, Finances and COVID-19

WealthLink, Finances and COVID-19

April 08, 2020

"You skate not to where the puck is, but to where the puck is going to be." – Dr. Anthony Fauci, NIH Immunologist and a Lead Member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force 

In the quote above, Dr. Fauci uses a metaphor from one of the fastest-moving sports to describe his strategy on the COVID-19 outbreak. This same analogy can be applied to financial planning and investments. Despite the current economic and global uncertainties now is not the time to stop skating towards where you want to be. There is no need to panic and sell stocks or buy what the latest pundits suggest. However, it is a good idea to take a serious look at your own personal situation during the current crisis to evaluate what may be financially best for you and your family. 

The federal government has passed legislation to provide loans and tax relief to small businesses and households. This creates an opportunity for many to stay in business and keep paying their bills. What does this mean to you as a business owner? As a family in need? 

We are still in operation at Shenandoah Valley Financial Services. Like everyone else, we are doing our part to stay in place and follow the CDC guidelines for keeping a physical distance from others. We encourage anyone in need of financial advice due to COVID-19 to please contact us. We are available by phone and for appointments and free consultations through virtual meetings such as WebEx, GoToMeeting, Skype, and Zoom. Importantly, despite the COVID-19 crisis there is no change to our ability to: 

  • Update your financial plan
  • Facilitate any trades including rebalancing or tax-loss harvesting
  • Invest new money or raise cash as needed
  • Process any new account paperwork or other important documents
  • Assist you with determining your need for government loans
  • Talk with you via phone or email and answer any questions you have during this difficult time

Shenandoah Valley Financial Services utilizes WealthLink, a comprehensive financial planning software application that offers our clients goals-based and cash-flow-based, analyses and projections. Through the WealthLink system we have the ability to offer our clients their own Personal Financial Website. The short video below demonstrates the system and how it safely organizes and maintains financial details, and helps you manage your money. A Personal Financial Website provides:

  • one location to organize your account
  • a safe and secure dashboard
  • advanced security protocols
  • password protection and RSA 2 factor authentication
  • advanced 256-bit encryption
  • transport layer security
  • virus and malware protection
  • checkpoint firewalls
  • independent security inspections
  • offsite data storage at secure industry leading data centers that are in geographically separated locations to ensure the highest levels of reliability
  • access to your site at any time of day
  • alerts to notify you of activity
  • multiple layers of safe and secure features

There is a lot of financial insecurity and concerns during COVID-19. You don’t need to wonder and worry about this alone. Let us help you get through this difficult time to address your financial needs. 

*Shenandoah Valley Financial Services is located in the city of Winchester in Frederick County, VA. We serve as financial advisors to clients in the Mid-Atlantic Region primarily in the states of VA, MD, DC, FL, NC, SC, PA, and WV.